Living generously is a lifestyle.

Packing the Park & Saving Lives

How many times have you said “I’m starving!” without really thinking about what those words mean? We’ve all done it. We’ve all heard other people do it. But do we understand what hunger and starvation really look and feel like?
Luckily, most of us don’t. But imagine if your situation was different. Imagine you were so hungry that you were sick, or even dying. Or that you had a child who was sick or dying from hunger. Now imagine what it would feel like to receive boxes of nutritious food packed by complete strangers halfway around the world. Just because they cared. Just because you mattered to them. Just because they took one afternoon out of their busy day to #BeGenerous.

To someone facing real hunger and malnutrition, food doesn’t just fill their stomachs. It helps them live, grow and dream. The amazing people at Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) know this, and their passion for helping people has led them to create one of the most efficient and effective systems ever developed for addressing hunger around the world.
We were honored to once again participate in FMSC’s “Pack the Park,” an annual event at Target Field in Minneapolis that not only packs boxes of food, but fills participants’ hearts. With every scoop, pour, seal and box, we sent a message of hope and love. It was so gratifying
to think of the communities all over the world who would receive this food and become inspired to be leaders and difference-makers in their own communities.

How productive were we? In less than two hours, we packed almost 700 boxes of food. That translates to nearly 150,000 meals that will feed over 400 kids—not just for a day, week or month, but for an entire year. 

Never forget: Over 6,000 children die every day from hunger-related causes. You can do something about it. Right now, wherever you are. For more information on this amazing organization, visit today.  

Donate. Volunteer. Spread the word. And do whatever you can to #BeGenerous in your daily life!

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